The Maxine One Bag

The Maxine One is the most intuitive pet carrier on the market. With an advanced ergonomic design, The Maxine One is built to be safer, more comfortable, and more efficient for both you and your little chonk (This is like when a character in a movie says the movie title, isn’t it?).

The Maxine One is the standard size & The Maxine One S is the smaller size. Please see our sizing chart below to decide which backpack is right for your Little Chonk!


The Maxine One - Pre-order your Maxine One to reserve your backpack! Our next batch of bags, which are limited in quantity, is estimated to arrive late June/early July. Once we’re back in stock, we’ll send you an email letting you know when your backpack is out for delivery!

The Maxine One S - In stock and ready to ship!

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