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If you pre-order your Maxine One (in the standard non-S size), that means that you've reserved a Maxine One dog backpack for when our next batch of inventory arrives at our warehouse!

Our next batch of Maxine One dog backpacks will arrive later in July. Once your backpack arrives, we'll package it up and then send you an email letting you know that your Maxine One is on the way!

Lol. "Fun" doesn't even begin to describe it.

Maxine and I ride the train together. We go to work together. We go to Chipotle together. For those of you who don't know what it feels like to wear something that makes children and adults giggle with joy as you walk by them on the street...I highly recommend it. I never have a bad day carrying Maxine in The Maxine One backpack.

Having the ability to safely carry Maxine everywhere with me has literally changed my life, and hers. It's made me a happier person, it's forged an incredible bond between Maxine and me, and it brings constant joy to those around us. When we get ready to go out and I put the backpack on the ground for Maxine, she walks to it by herself and gets inside of it. Sometimes she sprints into it. She loves it. Because it means she gets to stay with me, and go everywhere with me. Maxine gets to experience the world with me.

So, carrying a dog in a backpack isn't just fun. To me, it's essential.

Throughout the development process for The Maxine One, our top priority was ensuring the safety and well-being of your little chonk.

First, The Maxine One was developed with the guidance and expertise of numerous leading medical professionals in the veterinary community including rehabilitation therapists and veterinary specialists. There's even a question below where we introduce you to some of these folks.

And to wrap up our development process, we did further performance and compliance testing with SGS -- one of the world’s leading testing, inspection, verification and certification companies -- to ensure that we were delivering the safest product possible for your little chonk. SGS performed dynamic load testing (SGS In-House Method) in the main compartment of the bag and concluded that our bag can safely hold a weight up to 50 lbs. Upon completion of testing, SGS reported that our product met critical safety and regulatory standards including (but not limited to) confirming the construction and structural integrity of our backpack by testing the seam strength(s)(ASTM D1683/D1683M-17 (Reapproved 2018); Procedure A.), a loading test for our reinforced grab handles (SGS In-house Method), tensile strength of the fabrics (ASTM D5034-09) (Reapproved 2017); Grab method), and zipper strength (ASTM D2061-07).

We recently showed the backpack to Maxine's physical therapist, Dr. Jodi Weiser, who works at the Water4Dogs Canine Rehabilitation Center in New York City. You can see what she had to say about the backpack HERE! <-- you can click that.

So on the homepage when we said we tested the FLUFF out of this thing, we weren't lying.

While we've spent the past 5 years carrying our dogs in backpacks, our own dogs have not had any of these conditions. While we've spoken to friends and customers (with a little chonks who have a disability) who have had very positive experiences with The Maxine One, we cannot guarantee that your specific dog with that specific condition will have no problem riding in this backpack.

With that being said, the Maxine One was developed with the support and guidance of orthopedic veterinarians and canine physical therapists. As we developed and tested The Maxine One, we had the pleasure of meeting a lot of pet parents with differently-abled chonks, and worked to optimize the design of The Maxine One to safely support every kind of chonk. With that being said, we cannot offer any kind of substantial medical recommendation for your specific dog, with their specific condition.

If your dog has a pre-existing orthopedic or neurological issue, we recommend consulting your veterinarian before purchasing the Maxine One.

BACK LENGTH: To measure your dog's back length, measure the distance from the base of their neck to their tail (or tush).

CHEST GIRTH: To measure your dog's chest girth, measure the circumference of the widest part of your chonk's chest, usually around the ribcage or just behind the front legs. And make sure to give them a big hug while you're down there.

We're working diligently on building out sizes for the Maxine One. We want to be thorough with our designs to ensure that we're making our products accessible to people of all shapes and sizes AND chonks of all shapes and sizes.

We're also currently working on completely new (and frankly, pretty incredible) designs for petite chonks (under 15 lbs.) and the chonkiest of chonksters (the 40 lbs. and up Club).

After carrying my corgi in a backpack for the last 5 years, I realized that there was much more we could be doing to ensure the health and well-being of our pets. That's why we built The Maxine One.

Here are some of our recommendations to ensure that you and your little chonk can safely enjoy The Maxine One:


*Before purchasing, if your dog has any pre-existing health conditions, or you have any concerns about the use of the product, we recommend consulting your veterinarian.

*We recommend using the backpack with dogs that are already fully developed.


*Every dog is different, and each dog will require different kinds of training to get used to riding in a dog backpack. To help get you started, we created the following training video series as a part of our partnership with the NYC MTA:

Tip #1 - Positive Reinforcement <-- you can click that!

Tip #2 - Repetition <-- you can click that too!

Tip #3 - Smol Steps <-- you can click this three!

*As with any other area of dog training (house-breaking, socialization, etc.), we recommend the following training methods to get your little chonk accustomed to riding in a backpack. These are our recommendations because these methods have worked for us: repetition of use, positive reinforcement (with treats of course), and slowly increasing the time of use, not to exceed 45-60 minutes before taking a break. This time allotment varies based on your dog's breed, size, health and ability. This time allotment also varies based on the human's health and ability.

*Before your backpack arrives, we'll be sure to create content that elaborates on the above training methods. So you and your pup will be out on the town together in no time!


These are some of our recommendations to ensure that you are safely using The Maxine One:

*We suggest limiting the amount of time that your chonk is riding in The Maxine One to no longer than 45-60 minutes before taking a break.

*We don't suggest using the backpack in extreme situations or extreme weather conditions.

*Please make sure that you, the human, are traveling safely, and not putting yourself, or your chonk, in any risky situations, or engaging in any activities which might limit or hinder your physical abilities or mental faculties while you are carrying your chonk in a backpack.

You can email us anytime at

If you want a faster response, you can also DM us via Instagram -- but then again if you do that you might get Maxine's Dad on a day when he's feeling chatty, and to be honest once you get him started it's hard to get him to stop talking. So really it's your call...

New products. Meet & Greets around the world. Sometimes Maxine might even deliver your backpack to you. An insane line-up of collaborations. And finally but most importantly, joining a community of like-minded pet parents who want the best for their little chonk.

Dogs live forever. That’s the dream. But until then, figuring out how we can do more fun stuff with our dogs and improve their overall quality of life, and yours. That’s the goal right now.