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  • My name is Bryan. Most people know me as Maxine's Dad.

    For the past 6 years, I’ve been carrying my fluffy corgi Maxine with me everywhere: to and from work on the NYC subway, on vacation, on boats, planes, trains and through every kind of situation imaginable. So when we set out to build THE MAXINE ONE, we knew exactly what we had to do.

  • Advanced Ergonomic Design with Water-Resistent Exterior

    Built with durable, high-density fabric designed to keep you and your little chonk comfortable and fully supported.

  • Soft Rip-Stop Interior

    Our interior fabric is breathable, lightweight, and super cozy, with a strong "rip-stop" weave to help prevent against damage (like from your dog's nails or something. But also, if your dog's nails are long, they deserve a mani/pedi too.)

  • Breathable Air-Mesh Side Ventilation

    On both sides of our backpack, we included premium air-mesh fabric for ventilation that extends the length of the bag that is designed to help prevent your chonk from overheating.

  • tail port

    This is easily our favorite feature. Now your chonk can let their fur flag fly. But it's not all fun and games. Using a tail port will decrease pressure on your pet's tail, while maintaining circulation to the area.

  • Auto-Lock Zippers

    We used top of the line materials to keep your little chonk safe. And as an added safety measure, the zipper comes with a reinforced pull-tab that locks into the top buckle.

  • High Strength Buckles

    These buckles are so good, we delayed production by 6 weeks just to make sure we got them on our bags. That's actually true.

  • Heft Handles

    We put Tubular Grab Handles on all four sides so you can load-in and load-out with ease. Load-tested. Chonk-approved.

  • Soft Reinforced Neck Collar with Reflective detail

    Your precious cargo deserves full support, and if you're carrying your dog in a backpack, you deserve to be seen, even at night.

  • Collar Clip with Elastane Strap

    For added safety, keep your chonk secure with our internal collar clip which attaches to your dog's neck collar. And we used an elastane strap which is nice and stretchy to protect your dog's neck movements!

    Clip it or ticket!

  • Floof Guard 1.0

    Keep your baby snug and strapped-in without constricting their widdle arms.

  • High Quality Shoulder Straps with Magnetic Chest Buckle

    Comfortable for both Mom and Dad and easy to use. Our unisex-contoured, low-profile shoulder straps come with an easy-to-use adjustable magnetic chest buckle.

  • Versatile On/Off-Boarding

    We call this "The Runway." We designed the Maxine One to accommodate multiple ways of getting your little chonk in and out of the backpack.