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YOU'LL FIRST NOTICE it out of the corner of your eye: the woman in shades, awkwardly pointing her smartphone camera in your direction. She thinks she's sneaky—she's not. Then you'll catch the gentle awws as you walk down the street, until it starts to get more intense. Soon, people stop you with questions or to ask for a picture. 

This is life with a dog on your back in a little backpack. It's … amazing. Even as an introvert who doesn't really like striking up conversations with strangers, I'm always happy when other people acknowledge my freakin' adorable dog, Tobu

I've been using Little Chonk's the Maxine One ($120) dog backpack since late January to carry my pup around New York City (and even in Atlanta, Georgia). Why do I need to put my dog in a bag? Well, in most major cities, dogs need to be in one when you use public transportation systems. I've previously used a tote bag made for dogs, and while I think there's still room for such a thing, there are good reasons to strap your dog on your back instead. 

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