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Good Housekeeping

Good Housekeeping

As a pet parent, you may feel like your furry friend is your actual baby and absolutely detest going anywhere without them. Enter, the dog carrier. Whether you're planning an international vacay or just a trip to the farmers' market, finding the right carrier for your pet can make all the difference when you start toting them around (and suddenly realize that 15 pounds of fluffy dog is actually heavier than you thought).

From a backpack to a front carrier, there are tons of styles to fit both your lifestyle and your dog's breed. For avid travelers, finding something that's TSA-approved and meets all FAA requirements may be your top priority (but always check with your airline specifically as regulations can vary). Other pet parents may just be looking for the right carrier to get to and from the vet. It may take a minute (and many peanut butter dog biscuits) to get your pet used to their new travel accommodations, but as long as you assure they fit comfortably, the bag can safely hold their weight and you won't cause them (or you) any discomfort, a dog carrier can be just as cute as it is functional.

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